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What’s the best system for you?

We have two options for your solar panels – on your roof or in your yard. Both systems come with a 10- year warranty from the manufacturer. When you sign up for your FREE site evaluation, we’ll take you through your choices and figure out what’s best for you. Here are the basics.

Solar Panel Equipment Installation


If your roof faces south and receives six hours or more of sunlight a day, we’ll install your panels right on your roof. Installation is quick and easy, and most of our members choose our roof-mounted system if they can. If your roof faces within 45º east or west of due south, your roof-mounted panels will still be effective.


Timber Frame

For other situations, ground-mounted panels work well. These come with an added benefit since they often do double duty as a garden shed or storage area. Ground-mounted systems include a shallow trench to hold the insulated micro tubing that brings the sun’s energy from your collectors to your home.

Certification and Warranties

logo SRCC Certification
Energy Star Certification

Our solar hot water systems are approved by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC), and have passed rigorous tests for performance and durability. SRCC approval paved the way for the Energy Star label.

Products that carry the Energy Star label meet environmental requirements set by the government. Choosing Energy Star products is one way that we can all help save energy and protect our environment.

When you choose Co-op Solar, you know you’re getting an efficient and proven product that has a positive impact on our environment.


Our solar hot water systems are designed for reliable performance and quick, efficient installation. In most cases, installation takes less than a day.

Good technology must be matched with skilled, professional installers. HarveSTAR, our Co-op Solar installer meets these two requirements:

  • HarveSTAR is a Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) partner installer. All REV partners have taken approved training courses and their solar installations have been inspected and approved.
  • HarveSTAR meets our standards for customer service, technical skills and solar experience.

Member: Renewable Energy Vermont, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility

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